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Infuse superpowers of Artificial Intelligence into your business applications


The era of artificial intelligence is well and truly upon us, and it’s opening new doors for businesses of all sizes. Technological advances in the quality and availability of artificial intelligence means that conversational bots – computer programs that engage in meaningful conversations with users – are now a viable mainstream solution for streamlining business processes and customer service.

However, it’s no longer enough for programmers to build bots that meet technical specs and security requirements. Today, there’s a premium on getting conversational user interface (UI) right. In other words, bots need to be capable of engaging in sufficiently meaningful, responsive and realistic conversation to capture the hearts and minds of their audiences.

Getting started with building Chatbots

The Cloud Collective Chatbots quick start is a workshop designed to help organisations build powerful enterprise-level productivity bots that streamline common work activities and conversations with intelligence. The Cloud Collective will manage all aspects of planning and discovery with our proven delivery framework. The service includes a Chatbots Quick start Pilot aligned with your unique business requirements to complete an end-to-end roll-out strategy.ypes of Bots we build

What’s included?

Business Planning and Roadmap

  • Business Case Alignment & Use Case Deep-Dive
  • Define the goal or purpose of the bot?
  • What problems will it be solving?
  • What should it do to solve this problem?


  • Build the bot and add any necessary integrations
  • Release a prototype to users
  • Log all conversations and interactions with users


  • Working with the users to get the most out of their platform
  • Look at the data collected from the prototype to see How users are interacting with the chatbot.
  • What are the struggles?
  • What are the patterns?
  • What is the feedback?
  • Plan for review – based on the analysis above, what improvements could be made in a second phase.

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