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Get your team up and running with a collaborative workspace

Bring together chat, meetings, notes and attachments in a single platform: Microsoft Teams. Imagine the productivity gains you’d realise if you could manage everything from conversations to files in the one workspace. Now imagine that you can also access SharePoint, OneNote, PowerBI and Planner, as well as kick-off audio and video conference calls, in the same place.

You don’t need to imagine anymore. Microsoft Teams makes all of this – and more – a reality. Available in Office 365, it’s a powerful tool that supports teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

Managed Planning and Deployment Service

Deploying Microsoft Teams across the enterprise with predictable results requires expertise. Learning how to enable and empower users, manage information and turn on new features all comes with a level of expertise and experience to get deployments right the first time. Your first deployment is not the time to “learn by doing”, which can often result in delayed workplace transformation.

What is Microsoft Teams QuickStart?

Whether you have begun your Office 365 journey or planning your journey, our Microsoft Teams QuickStart accelerates your collaboration transformation.
The Cloud Collective will manage all aspects of planning and discovery with our proven delivery framework. The service includes a Microsoft Teams Pilot aligned with your unique business requirements to complete an end-to-end roll-out strategy.

Who is the Microsoft Teams QuickStart for?

Why Cloud Collective for Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams helps in automating repetitive tasks, enhance productivity and increase collaboration in your organisation. Cloud Collective has achieved the highest partnership status in Microsoft with the gold membership. We design, build and deploy bots that are both functional and fun to use. 

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