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Driving employee engagement improves your organisational culture, staff retention and company performance … But how do we do this?

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Employee engagement


Employee engagement programs help companies enjoy 26 percent greater annual increase in revenue


askHR is the answer to all your HR needs. It combines three solutions to help you drive employee engagement. HR teams Quick Start will bring all your HR information into one platform accessible by employees. QBot is an AI driven chat bot for answering HR questions, saving time for both employees and HR staff. Finally, Workforce Analytics will provide you with essential HR insights, trends and data, all on one powerful dashboard. Choose one solution, combine all three for the ultimate HR power tool, or even ask a consultant to build you an entirely custom solution.

One problem, three solutions

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HR Teams Quick Start

HR Teams Quick Start is a single information source that makes all important and relevant HR information available to employees. It accommodates, among other things, policies, processes, forms, surveys, staff benefit summaries, news updates, polls and job information. Designed for the modern workplace, HR Teams Quick Start supports dynamic two-way conversations between employees and HR.

It makes it easy to locate and reference HR documents, saving time for both staff and their HR teams.

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Document storage – Policies, Procedures and Forms, key presentations, onboarding information

Key announcements, staff recognition, polls and Group chat forum


Job listings


QBot is an AI-enabled solution that drives efficiency by answering questions on behalf of HR staff. QBot reads incoming questions and automatically provides answers to questions that have previously been dealt with by HR team members.

When QBot doesn’t know an answer, it tags and notifies the appropriate HR representatives to ensure the staff member’s question doesn’t go unanswered. QBot progressively builds a knowledge database of high-quality responses so that, over time, it reduces the number of questions referred to HR staff.

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Automatically answers pre-defined and previously answered questions

Notifies HR team when questions are asked

Continuously expands the knowledge base and trains the Bot as information changes

Reports on typical questions asked, unanswered questions and answered questions

Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics takes people data to the next level by displaying dashboards that draw from various HR systems to generate unique insights about people, culture and organisational trends.

This enables HR teams to transition from being operational and transactional to being truly strategic by harnessing the power of predictive analytics.

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