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As the workforce becomes more competitive, tomorrow’s graduates need highly developed skills in collaboration and critical thinking.


What is Question Bot?

Generation Z’s use of technology in their daily life is changing their expectations of education. As technology unlocks new ways to engage, collaborate and learn, how can universities adapt to prevent the student voice from getting lost in the noise?

Cloud Collective has developed “Question Bot” aka “QBot”, a world-first, AI-infused, Microsoft Teams integrated chatbot that answers student queries. It uses machine learning to build a body of knowledge that students can tap for 24/7 support.

QBot is transforming how students learn, interact and collaborate.

For forward-thinking education institutions, these tools have limitless potential – from improving student engagement, to achieving better learning outcomes.

Create a revolution in education


What makes QBot great?

A recent study shows that by 2021 the application of AI in education and learning will increase by 47.5%. With bots here to stay, there is no doubt that the use of AI will grow even more rapidly, not only in education, but in every industry.

Even today we are surrounded by this technology. We see it in everything from automatic parking systems, smart sensors for photos, and personal assistance.

Similarly, the uses for AI in education are continually expanding as the technology improves and younger generations are incorporating AI into their learning experience.


Microsoft Teams QBot takes off at UNSW, Sydney

When UNSW’s School of Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering needed help developing a collaboration platform harnessing artificial intelligence capabilities, it called on Cloud Collective alliance partner, Antares Solutions. In this video, lecturer Dr David Kellermann outlines the Microsoft Teams bot solution and its impact on students.

The Problem

Managing engagement

After adopting Microsoft Teams, the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering experienced a rapid uptake in students engaging with the platform. Teams was creating a forum for students to ask questions and interact. However, this outcome also created a problem. So many questions were being asked, tutors could not keep up with the chatter.

As Dr. Kellermann puts it, “when one student reaches out and asks a question and you miss it: that’s a lost opportunity to connect with that single person”. The university staff realised they needed a way to reach out to these numerous students, and quickly turned to Microsoft and Antares Solutions for the answer.

The Solution


A chatbot is an automated program that conducts a conversation, through text or speech, and delivers a contextual response. When added to Microsoft Teams, bots can rapidly boost student engagement.

Bots answer questions faster and more comprehensively, free up educators’ time to focus on individuals, and help make students feel a part of a learning community.

UNSW’s School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering experienced a 900% increase in discussion posts after we integrated our bot into Microsoft Teams for them. We call the solution, Q Bot.

The Results

Initial results from UNSW Sydney School of Mechanical Engineering staff and students are overwhelmingly positive

The simplified flow and structure of information, aligned with student and course formats, provides faculty more time to spend on meaningful work and quality engagement with students, rather than trying to keep up with asked and answered questions.

Overall, the unprecedented technology improvements have had a positive impact on culture, and opened new doorways to information exchange and learning.

“The technology is there to facilitate and make us more efficient so we can have more quality engagement with students.”

Dr David Kellerman, UNSW Lecturer.

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