Innovative Technology Solutions for Not-for-Profits

The Cloud Collective is a strategic alliance of four leading Microsoft Solutions Partners. An amalgamation of complementary skills and capabilities to provide both in-depth expertise across the latest Microsoft technologies and a complete end-to-end wrap of Microsoft Cloud Solutions for the Not for Profit sector.

Empowering Not-for-Profits with Cost-Effective Microsoft Cloud Solutions

The Cloud Collective have a proven track record in providing best-in-class solutions designed to meet the unique needs of Not-for-Profit organisations.

Our combined capabilities and experience empowers Not-for-Profit organisations by providing them with practical solutions to improve their communication, collaboration, productivity, volunteer/donor management, grant/funding management, and reporting.

We partner with many Not-for-Profits across Australia and New Zealand. We also work with an extensive network of industry leaders outside of the Non-Profit sector. We apply valuable experiences and knowledge gained from all our projects, to deliver best practice and effective solutions for the Not-for-Profit sector.

Maximising Productivity: Strategies for Limited Resources

Are you part of a small team trying to make big impacts? Many Not-for-Profits have limited resources and budget. This makes your time even more valuable, and finding efficiencies becomes so much more important. At Cloud Collective we offer solutions to streamline communications, operations, donor/volunteer management and grants/funding management, to help you gain back some of you time, taken up by clunky manual processes.

Self Serve Portal For Volunteers & Donors

Reduce manual time intensive processes in managing the people that help your organisation, your volunteers and donors. Cloud Collective offer a proprietary solution for managing your Volunteer and Donor database. Enabling easier data management and the ability for users to perform simple administrative tasks through a portal, instead of through spreadsheets, forms and static documents.

Grants and Funds Management Made Easy

Grants and funding is an integral part of many Not-For Profits. The process of application, assessment, communications, funds disbursement and through to tracking outcomes is a labour intensive one. Cloud Collective have a portal solution that can help you manage the whole process. It can be integrated with your financial system and marketing platform to create an all-in-one-solution.

Streamline Communications, Collaboration & Operations

There is more pressure than ever for modern Not-For-Profit to keep up with new technologies. Innovation in Microsoft enabled technologies makes it easier to collaborate and communicate with your supporters and key stakeholders. At Cloud Collective we make it easy to roll out video conferencing, meeting rooms and other technologies to help you better connect with your Board, Sponsors and Partners in an innovative and secure way.

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