Innovative Technology Solutions for Government

As Microsoft Solutions Partners, the Cloud Collective specialise in digital transformation solutions for government organisations at local, state, and federal levels.

Helping streamline reporting, communication, collaboration and security in government organisations

Cloud Collective help bring world-class solutions into government organizations to improve the way you communicate, report on outcomes, and deliver programs to your constituents and stakeholders.

Our partnerships and our extensive network of industry leaders both in, and outside of the government sector, allow us to apply valuable experience gained and learnings to each project we work on.  We stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends, ensuring you always get the best and most effective solutions to suit your needs.

Cloud Collective is a trusted provider of Microsoft enabled workplace tools and solutions for better productivity, collaboration, data management and IT Security.

Innovative ways to communicate and collaborate

It is so important to effectively communicate with both your internal and external stakeholders. Cloud Collective offer a range of solutions to streamline communications and collaboration in any size government organisation, agency or department. We have successfully implemented Video Conferencing, Microsoft Teams Rooms, through to SharePoint Intranet solutions for our government clients.

Reporting Dashboards & Data Analytics

Many government organisations collect valuable data. Data can sometimes grow so complex that it becomes difficult to understand what data is available, or even derive useful insights without engaging a data engineer consultant. Cloud Collective assist government organisations to better understand the data they have access to, and to create insightful reports. We have helped government clients map their data, and visualise it in the form of custom Power BI Dashboards.

Manage Cyber Security Challenges

Meeting cyber security compliance requirements, as well as thwarting any internal and external cyber threats can be challenging for many organisations, especially government organisations. Cloud Collective are a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. We have the ability to assist organisations in developing a strong Microsoft Security Strategy, as well as help organisations of all sizes to aggregate, monitor and respond to key security signaling available within Microsoft 365, Azure and beyond.

Exceptional Customer Service and Ongoing Support

Cloud Collective are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ongoing support. We understand the importance of government organisations having reliable and responsive support when it comes to technology. That is why we offer a range of support and training options to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

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