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Cloud technologies have revolutionised modern IT management by introducing unprecedented scalability, flexibility and simplicity.



AI-driven employee engagement

The rise of the modern workplace has ushered in new challenges for HR teams. How do you cost-effectively attract, retain and engage employees in a world defined by mobility, flexibility and collaboration? This white paper outlines the key difficulties HR teams face in getting employee engagement right and describes how technologies like AI and data analytics can help.

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The Shift to Smarter Analytics with Machine Learning

Harnessing machine learning to gain a powerful competitive advantage. Read more about how Antares Solutions, Cloud Collective partner, maximise customer the shift to smarter analytics with machine learning.

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Unlocking the Hybrid Cloud Data Advantage

From Sydney to Perth, the cloud is transforming the way Australians do business. State and territory governments are grappling with cloud-first policies, while forward-thinking companies have moved intranets and email servers into the cloud. While some businesses have remained entirely on-premises, many are wondering if the benefits of a cloud approach are too great to ignore.

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A Guide to Conversational UI Best Practices

The era of artificial intelligence well and truly upon us, and it’s opening new doors for businesses of all sizes. Technological advances in the quality and availability of artificial intelligence mean that conversational bots – computer programs that engage in meaningful conversations with users – are a now a viable mainstream solution for streamlining business processes and customer service.

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