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Why Your Business Should Have A Power Platform or power BI

Using such a suite of services makes it easy to unify vast amounts of data and empower the organization. The suite makes it possible for technical and non-technical users within the business to analyse data, create customized apps, and automate many business processes. 

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Achievement Unlocked: Advanced Specialisation for Windows Server and SQL Server Migration

We are thrilled to announce that Quorum has achieved the Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure advanced specialisation.  

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Quorum is the first Microsoft Partner in Australia to achieve the ‘Modernise Endpoints’ Advanced Specialisation

Quorum’s focus on providing our customer’s with secure access to resources across mobile, desktop and virtual endpoints has seen us achieve the ‘Modernise Endpoints’ Advance Specialisation.

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The Irreplaceable Role of Educators in Higher Education

In recent years, there’s been debate around whether technology will eventually replace the role educators serve in education. We’re here to give an answer: no.

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5 Practical Steps to Set Up Data Governance in your Business

Lack of data governance impedes many organisations from realising their full data potential, and is ideally one of the first steps you should take as you set out on your data journey. Here is a roadmap with 5 practical steps to help you implement it properly…

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How to Implement Business Process Automation

There is a significant amount of evidence that proves the benefits of implementing BPA in improving productivity and relieving staff of as much tedium as possible.

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How to Deliver Teaching and Learning to Large Cohorts

Keeping students engaged in large cohorts is becoming a higher priority for many universities as they implement more blended learning opportunities, which is why it’s important for universities to understand how to efficiently manage cohorts.

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How to Deploy Microsoft Teams with Best Practices

While the use of Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels, the speed at which the platform was rolled out has left many IT department scrambling to play catch up in terms of governance.

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Give superpowers to your firstline workers with Microsoft Teams

Firstline workers are the visible face of almost every organisation and industry.

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Cloud Collective Wins At ARN Awards!

We are honoured to announce that we have won an award at the ARN awards for collaboration.

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