Change Management for Data Governance

Halcyon Change Management has been designed and tailored specifically for any organisation that is wanting to successfully implement a technology change.

For a change to be truly successful, the technology must be adopted by all employees, so an organisation can see a return on investment (ROI). This is not only in a financial sense, but in the development of the toolkit they have at their disposal in order to retain their existing workforce, and to also attract new talent in the future.

Halcyon Process

WIIFM – What’s In It For Me?

Halcyon’s goal is to connect people and technology through constant reinforcement of ‘What’s in it for me?’ principles and other change management methodologies. This is to ensure that users are clear on the benefits of the technology, whilst being supported along the whole journey.

Halcyon Change Management works closely with key stakeholders within an organisation to firstly determine why the change is taking place, as well as what is expected of senior management.

Model the Change

Much the same as it is pivotal that management are wearing headsets, using chat functionality on Microsoft Teams, or ensuring that their calendar status is accurate for their availability, so must senior leadership teams within an organisation demonstrate best practice in regards to data governance. Essentially, they are acting as security role models within the business. It is therefore imperative to ensure that senior management are kept informed not only about critical dates and milestones in regards to the change, but the justification for the change, and the impact expected.

Tailor the Solution

Our profiling exercise helps determine each team’s specific security considerations, pain-points, and workflows. This ensures we can tailor the solution across the business to each individual department. This exercise also helps us to also determine the specific training requirements of each business unit.

Measure Success

Once training has been delivered to staff and we have successfully deployed and supported the rollout of the desired security measures, we offer post deployment statistical analysis and reporting to help track how the measures put in place are working. This information allows us to to not only measure the success, but also to further refine the solution, through follow-up change management activities and training.

Reduce the Risk of Change Rejection

Cloud Collective’s Halcyon Change Management program not only educates users and key stakeholders on the importance of data governance but guides organisations toward security excellence and best practice through customised adoption techniques. Cloud Collective has found that client organisations who take up Halcyon Change Management significantly increase their rates of adoption, and greatly reduce the risk of change rejection.

Halcyon Change Management for Data Protection and Governance Deliverables 

  • Introduction to Halcyon Program
  • Executive Sponsor Workshop
  • Management Presentation
  • Pre-Deployment Profiling
  • Adoption Champions (Introduction to Data Protection and Governance)
  • Awareness Session
  • Success Criteria
  • Communications
  • Post-Cutover Support

Halcyon Change Management Certification

Our Change Management Team is certified by APMG International, the most reputable global accreditation and examination institute, so you can rest assured that your organisation will be taken through the change adhering to the most current and best practice methodologies.

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