IComm Adds Two Microsoft Advanced Specialisations to Their Arsenal

October 28th, 2020

We’re proud to say that IComm have recently added two Microsoft Advanced Specialisations to the Cloud Collective’s “innovation toolbox.” The new specialisations are Meetings and Meeting Rooms for Microsoft Teams Advanced Specialisation, and Calling for Microsoft Teams Advanced Specialisation.

The “advanced specialisation” is a partner differentiator that was only introduced at the end of 2019, and initially, the six specialisations on offer were limited to Microsoft Azure capabilities. Earlier this year, Microsoft added four Modern Workplace advanced specialisations, where IComm’s expertise is centred. To be able to say we’ve earned these two specialisations, less than 6 months after they’ve been made available, is very exciting for the IComm and Cloud Collective team!

Gold Competency = Levelled Up

Most people are aware of Microsoft competencies, of which IComm are the proud “owner” of nine (six Gold and three Silver). These competencies are how Microsoft measures a partner company’s technical capability to deliver solutions to a client in a specific Microsoft product or technology. Read more about Microsoft competencies.

The advanced specialisation takes that measurement one step further, and is earned on top of an active Gold competency. It demonstrates the capabilities in a specific solution area, such as Calling or Meeting Rooms, against highly exacting standards.

Being “advanced specialists” in meeting rooms and calling was more important than ever for the IComm team, as so many of our clients have been impacted by COVID-19. As meeting spaces shift to reflect a hybrid workforce that is partially remote, and partially in an office, having experts available in these fields for our customers is essential as we shift into the new normal.

With very little like it in the state, IComm has recently opened a meeting rooms showroom at their brand new Sydney office. The state-of-the-art facility provides customers and partners alike the opportunity to explore the latest and greatest meeting room technology, with a virtual tour also available for those who can’t come and see the space in-person.

This year has been a busy year for IComm, having recently become a part of the Cloud Collective at the beginning of 2020.

Advanced Specialisations Require Advanced Commitment

So, what did IComm have to do to earn these two advanced specialisations from Microsoft?

  • Maintain an active Gold Cloud Productivity Competency
  • Achieve a minimum growth threshold in Microsoft Teams over a 12-month period
  • Have a minimum of four individuals that have passed three different certification and assessments on Microsoft’s Partner University
  • Have a minimum of six (three for each advanced specialisation) client references that demonstrate our ability to deploy and manage Microsoft 365 Phone System, Calling Plan, Direct Routing configuration, Network Planning, and Remediation for Voice workloads (Calling for Teams Advanced Specialisation) and meeting services and solutions for Microsoft Teams (Meetings and Meeting Rooms Advanced Specialisation).

“Earning these advanced specialisations from Microsoft required our team to not only demonstrate an in-depth understanding of Microsoft Teams Calling, and Meetings and Meeting Rooms, but also demonstrate how we’ve assisted organisations to maximise their ROI both in their hardware investment (especially when it comes to meeting room hardware), and their software and services investment with Microsoft,” says Rob Dell, IComm’s Managing Director.

“The fact that we’ve done this for not just one, but two areas, is significant, and shows our current and prospective clientele that we are fully qualified to ensure that their organisation transforms their communications effectively and efficiently, with best-in-class solutions.

“To add, we think this is critically important in these times where clients are working through the return to work post-COVID. And if they’re wondering what a safe and smart meeting room might look like, we can assist.”

We’d love to assist you in transforming your communications. Whether it be from a legacy PBX system, a different VOIP system, or meeting rooms that no one will use because they take longer to set up than it does to have the meeting…IComm can help. Reach out today, so we can help your business reach its potential.

Take a virtual tour of IComm’s Sydney Showroom here and explore what’s possible for your meeting space.