Streamline Microsoft Teams Governance and Unlock Collaboration with Tellus

October 15th, 2020

Whilst Microsoft Teams is a great platform for sharing information, chatting with your team members and collaborating on files, without proper measurements in place it can quickly spiral out of control. Most organisations currently do not have processes or rules in place around the management of a Team’s lifecycle and how their confidential company information is shared. This leads to a myriad of problems such as inactive and duplicate Teams, security risks, and information silos which can hinder your organisational growth.

Tellus is a three-in-one solution that consists of Teams Governance, askSolution and Social Analytics. With Tellus, the common headaches associated with Teams sprawl and confidentiality are solved with its built-in best-practice methodology and collaboration tools. In this guide, find out how you can use Tellus to unlock collaboration, empower your employees, and make better organisational decisions.