Cloud Collective empowers Mission Australia to revolutionise communication and collaboration with Microsoft cloud technology

December 15th, 2017

The Cloud Collective was named a joint winner of the ‘A Cloud for Good Award for Excellence’ for its ongoing efforts to deliver digital transformation at Mission Australia at Microsoft Summit (14th-17th November). This award recognises an innovative technology partner that has empowered a not-for-profit organisation to achieve greater efficiency or effectiveness by leveraging cutting-edge Microsoft cloud technologies.

The Cloud Collective was recognised by Microsoft as we “map out a brighter future with cloud transformed workplace” for Mission Australia. With over five years of knowledge of the Mission Australia business, The Cloud Collective created a cloud roadmap to transform operations and service delivery. This roadmap brings together customer data with cutting-edge Microsoft technology to empower its 2700+ staff and volunteers to make better decisions, and to utilise a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The Cloud Collective enabled Mission Australia to drive business benefits and impact in two key areas.

  1. Leveraging data from community service information systems to make better informed, proactive decisions to improve the quality of service delivery
  2. All staff will be able to share in the learnings of other programs with real-time collaboration and knowledge sharing

What differentiates us is the way we operate. The Cloud Collective is a strategic alliance of three Microsoft focused Gold Partners and the first of its kind in APAC. The Cloud Collective offers customers an unmatched breadth of cloud services.

“With the Collective, we talk with the most appropriate specialist. We get the best possible help right at the time we need it.”

— Peter Smith, CIO, Mission Australia

Our approach has a wider market potential as it enables us to address NFP challenges in the most efficient way possible. Referring to our solution, Smith states: “It enables us to be smarter about the ways we spend our money, and the things we can do to support the homeless.”