Drive Pledge to Impact with Microsoft’s Cloud for Nonprofit and Klevr Grants Management [PART 2 of 2]

June 21st, 2023

In today’s nonprofit environment, operating efficiently is not just a good idea, but a necessity for success and sustainability. Duplication and manual workarounds waste time and limit mission impact.

Walkerscott, the business applications focused partner within the Cloud Collective, co-organised a demo along with Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact team, where we showcased how Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit solutions streamline processes and expand reach via fit-for-purpose applications for fundraising, volunteer management, and program impact. Walkerscott’s Klevr solutions extend these in a single, integrated environment, with the Klevr Grants Management and Klevr Portals applications facilitating the journey from Pledge to Impact.

Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud platform for nonprofits covers various areas, including fundraising, volunteer management, financial integration, and marketing. For this demonstration, the focus was on fundraising and how it helps attract, retain, and grow a donor base. The integration of the Klevr Grants solution with Microsoft Cloud enables seamless data transfer to track the utilization of raised funds.

The Klevr Grants solution offers two key components: grant-seeking and grant-making. Grant-seeking involves workflows and functionalities to assist organizations in applying for funding, identifying opportunities, managing bids, and handling contracts and reporting. Grant-making allows organizations to distribute the funds they have raised or acquired, creating opportunities for external organizations and individuals to apply for funding. The Klevr Grants solution is supported by a self-service portal that enables stakeholder interaction. Integration with finance systems such as Dynamics 365 Business Central provides comprehensive financial management capabilities. Throughout the demo, various personas, including fundraisers, grants managers, program managers, applicants, and grantees, were explored to showcase the solution’s functionality.

View the webinar recording and download the slide deck below, check out our exclusive solutions and offers for Nonprofits and reach out to us if we can help explore these solutions for you.