Drive Pledge to Impact with Microsoft’s Cloud for Nonprofit and Klevr Grants Management [PART 1 of 2]

June 21st, 2023

In 2022, Microsoft demonstrated its commitment to social impact by donating approximately $255 million contributed by its employees. Additionally, Microsoft is deeply aligned with its mission and ensures that investments received from nonprofit organizations are reinvested back into the community through grants. Not-for-profit pricing is also offered for many of Microsoft’s software and services – the company provided $3.2 billion worth of discounted software, services, and grants. Currently, there are over 300,000 nonprofits worldwide using Microsoft’s cloud solutions, highlighting the company’s dedication to supporting the nonprofit sector.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit: Enhancing Nonprofit Operations

The vision behind Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit encompasses four key segments: fundraising, program delivery, marketing, and finance and operations. In the realm of fundraising, Microsoft aims to centralize constituent data, providing a unified view that enables insights and AI automation. It also offers comprehensive control over donations and constituent management. For marketing purposes, the 360-degree view of constituents allows nonprofits to effectively reach out and attract more donations. Program delivery involves solutions tailored for volunteer management and engagement, providing both managers and volunteers with streamlined access to relevant information. Microsoft’s native integration with finance and operations allows for consistent financial data management in one central platform. The company’s new AI copilot feature, an exciting development, automates processes within Outlook, enhancing interaction with constituents. Additionally, Teams capabilities enable call recording and automatic summarization, simplifying collaboration. In the near future, Microsoft plans to introduce donor insights through AI models within the not-for-profit cloud, providing valuable information on donor behaviour and preferences.

Cloud Collective and the NFP Sector

Cloud Collective comprises four Microsoft partners operating in the Australian user and regional domains. It offers coverage across the three Microsoft clouds: Microsoft 365, encompassing Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and more; Dynamics 365, a suite of business applications including finance, ERP, CRM, and marketing automation; and Azure cloud services. The collective was formed with the aim of addressing the needs of the mid-market segment. With complementary skills and capabilities, Cloud Collective provides a broad range of solutions. The alliance has fostered a strong relationship with Microsoft, enabling them to leverage the benefits of this partnership for their customers.

Cloud Collective focuses extensively on the not-for-profit sector and has been recognized as a not-for-profit impact partner. It won the 2017 Microsoft Australia Partner Award for Cloud for Good category, based on its work with Mission Australia. Key customers include organizations such as the Salvation Army, Anglicare, Baptcare, and Guide Dogs. Cloud Collective offers services ranging from migration to cloud-based telephony solutions like Teams Voice, to deploying specialized cloud solutions for nonprofits, such as the fundraising solution implemented for the Royal Agricultural Society.

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