Answers, Questions, Data & Racing – Azure vs AWS Redeux

July 2nd, 2020

The Answer..

Microsoft Azure. And it’s the right answer.

But how do I prove it?  With data of course.

But Prove what?

What was the question from which my absoluteness of response and the intensity of its defense is derived?

Let’s rewind slightly..

The Question ?..

HyTrust recently conducted a study asking a number of representatives from global organisations what they were going to do with their strategy around the public cloud.

The Data..

Almost three quarters (74%) of the respondents who were a cross section of global organizations from a range of industries are planning to move even more of their systems to the public cloud.

The study, which included survey responses from mostly decision makers, found that many businesses are looking at deploying Microsoft Azure rather than going with public cloud market leader, AWS.  Really?  Yes really…This is what the survey says…

* 34% of respondents indicated that they would deploy Microsoft Azure for their cloud solutions.

* 24% of respondents noted their intention to use VMware.

* 22% of respondents said their company would pursue AWS for their cloud operations.

Microsoft Azure’s growing popularity is of no surprise to me as the game gets deeper into play. This growth has come about because of Microsoft’s brand recognition as a trusted enterprise software player in addition to its more robust hybrid cloud offerings. Here are two key notes of interest:

* Microsoft is one of the only cloud vendors that offers true, end-to-end, hybrid cloud options, managing both public and private cloud  aspects. Both Google and AWS offer hybrid cloud solutions, but they often outsource their private cloud segment to third parties.

* Microsoft has no peer among businesses as a key software provider due to its long history and the exponential adoption of its suite of its productivity platforms. As Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud offerings become more prevalent, this exposure within the enterprise is likely to enable it to accelerate the closing of the gap with AWS across all parts of the market.

 When it comes to cars and racing I am normally right..

Well for those of you who remember I recently wrote on this forum that in this race, Azure will close on AWS and overtake it for market share and overall supremacy.

The recent HyTrust survey shows that today there is a 12% higher (over AWS) preference for Microsoft Azure to be adopted as the preferred cloud platform by global enterprise decision makers. Over time, this preference differential will widen further and will start to challenge and eventually have effect on actual AWS market share.

The real question for me will be When ?

The race is getting increasingly faster now and I really like it when the odds are stacked in my favour. Most seasoned racers will concur that its good to be in a car with high top end speed and power for these long straight races, there is nothing worse than getting overtaken down the main straight when you are already at full throttle.

The Microsoft Azure “Bugatti Veyron” is coming on strong…and it won’t be stopping down the straight for anything…not even AWS.

By John Filippis, Strategic Engagement Manager, Quorum