999 Emergency Services – Command Centre Evolution

November 7th, 2018

999 Emergency Services – Command Centre Evolution

A Modality Systems and Saab article

June 1937 marked the first time dialling 999 raised the emergency services in the UK. Much has changed in the proceeding eight decades and the service has now evolved into a sophisticated call handling environment capable of dealing with 500,000 calls a week.

From humble beginnings, the world’s oldest emergency services number is now a plethora of systems to retrieve and analyse information, determine geographic positioning and deal with communications between a central control room and multiple agencies.

But what is next for this essential service and how have the lessons from the past 80 years shaped how it will develop into the next decade?

In our article, written in collaboration with Saab, we examine the evolution of connected communications within the emergency services and highlight the key developments and pressures which will determine the next phase of its evolution.

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